Our Beers

At MacLeod Brewing Company we are committed to bringing you extraordinary beer. No added ingredients or preservatives just barley, hops, yeast and a whole lot of dedication.

Our Imperial Scotch ale was our first beer to the market and we are expanding our range as we master each style, all our products are brewed and canned onsite. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Imperial Scotch Ale

A sweet malty coffee taste loaded with traditional and new world hops. Unfiltered, handcrafted, no shortcuts.

  • 10.5%
  • Coffee and malt flavours
  • Darker body and colour
imperial-scotch-ale Macleod Brewery


An American style Pale Ale with passionfruit, mango, kiwi fruit, apple flavours. Lighter in body and colour.

  • 4.5%
  • Malt forward taste with a lasting bitterness
  • Lighter body and colour
hold-fast-pale-ale - Macleod Brewery