Our Brewing system is a state of the art Spark 15 Hecotolitre, customised for Macleod Brewing Company, Optimised for multi batching our brewing technique is precise, repeatable and consistent. Teamed with quality ingredients and our dedication for great beer.



  1. Water – using rainwater creates some unique challenges, this leads to unique beer and a taste that is hard to replicate
  2. MALT- Providing most of the flavour, so selecting a grain bill for each recipe is vitally important
  3. HOPS – Providing bitterness and aroma, preserving and helping with head retention adding hops early in the boil provides the bitterness where adding hops in the end of the provides aroma
  4. YEAST – Used to convert sugars to alcohol, the right selection of yeast can have a huge impact on the final flavour

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